Group Training on Business Set-up & Marketing

Do you long to escape the humdrum like of being chained to a 9-5 job that does very little to inspire you and dreamed of — or even dabbled in — a small or home based business to improve your income or even as a side income?

Being your own boss is the dream of many. The flexibility, the freedom to take control and pursue what you love, that is only a sneak peak into what being your own boss could entail. But even starting home-based business never easy. From marketing to closing sales, there is always something that will require your attention.

Business marketing in the new media world is complicated. It requires business owners to understand marketing concepts, strategies and digital channels They are forced to try new things, get out of their comfort zone and make an impact. They hear about marketing funnels, SEO, SEM, KPIs and responsive design. But what are those really? And which ones are important to their business?

We provide classroom-based and online (Zoom) training session on Business Set-up and Marketing and we believe that our training session will be your stepping-stone to your big plan! Our training session also aims to equip current and future business owners the basic knowledge of business marketing so as to develop their understanding of the essentials for both traditional and online marketing. The rationale behind the launch of this training session is to share the knowledge and experience of our professionals that help our students to convert their dreams of being a business owner into reality.

The Ultimate Guide to Start a Home-Based Business
Online Store Business
Business Marketing Ideas

Start building for bigger and brighter opportunities for yourself and our community.